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Top 5 Local Business Listings Directories in Dubai

Have you got your business listed?

Dubai is one of the most prominent business centres in the world where thousands of companies are setup every year and compete for business. To stand out from the competition, your business should have a local visibility over the directories as having just a website would not be just enough.

Measures need to be taken to ensure that your business does not get lost amongst all the others with their own online presence. Having your business listed on local directories also helps you improving SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) for your website. his gives your business some extra visibility in a very competitive environment.

Top 5 Local Business Directories in Dubai-

Yellow Pages

The Dubai Yellow Pages is no doubt the most used local business directory in Dubai, Not only they have a website but also an app which allows you to be searched on finger tips. It is free and very easy to add and list your business just by providing the general details of your business. Contact details, email, address and even photographs(if any) can be added to the webpage.

Local Search

The UAE version of Local Search is an online business directory where thousands of businesses in all sectors are listed, from restaurants, hotels to aviation, finance and everything in between. Companies can advertise with Local Search, or get a free listing, which will also be visible on their mobile app. Interested individuals can visit the website, call the company, or send an email, all with the touch of a button. Also, there is the option to add reviews, which can be vital in attracting new customers.


Free business directory, UAE Contacts pride itself on providing useful and up-to-date information for its browsers. Any established business in Dubai can submit their business listing for free, which will be aired swiftly online after a quick review process. The listings feature a company profile, a list of categories, contact details, website, and address.


One of the best known search-and-discovery sites and apps, Foursquare can provide personal recommendations for their users and features listings in a wide range of categories. Businesses in Dubai are likely to be listed on Foursquare, and owners are able to claim their listing and personalise it with up-to-date information if necessary.

Google My Business

It makes sense that the best-known search engine would have their own business directory. Google My Business will help to attract new customers by making it more visible to those searching for a related business in Google Search or on Google Maps. Listings are free to make and can be easily updated to help your business stand out with your latest information. There are lots of options for customisation, with photos and two-way reviews being available. They also have a Google My Business app to check on stats and update listings on the go.

List Your Business in Dubai for SEO

Whether you choose a free business directory or one that you have to pay for, you are certain to see the benefits in the long run. Listing with business directories in Dubai will definitely improve your visibility online, allowing more potential customers to find you and make use of your services.

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